Tenant Improvment Program

Whenever buildings are leased, Owners and Property Managers must deal with a whole range of issues. Tenant improvements can be one of the most difficult. It’s surprising how many roof leaks occur as a result of tenant improvements. This is because roof penetrations that are installed during tenant improvements are often done improperly. Quite often, problems don’t develop until much later. Sometimes the tenant has moved out before the problem is discovered. Evans Roofing Company fully understands this situation. To help avoid headaches, we’ve developed a program that can help. We call this simply our Tenant Improvement Program.

When you implement our Tenant Improvement Program, you simply inform the tenants that all roof equipment and roof penetrations must be sealed by Evans Roofing Company. The tenant or the tenant’s contractor cannot have anyone else repair the roof. They must use Evans Roofing Company. Some of our clients even put this requirement into their lease agreements.

There are several advantages in establishing this type of program. The most obvious is that you are assured that the roof will be sealed properly. When Evans Roofing Company is involved, “The Buck stops here”. You don’t have to worry about going back to the tenant to recover the cost of repairing the problem later; it’s done right the first time.

Another advantage is that you’re kept in the loop. When Evans Roofing Company does the work, it’s fully documented. The tenant isn’t performing extensive modifications without your knowledge. Also, if you participate in our Roof Maintenance Program, we will inform you when a tenant installs roof penetrations without your knowledge.

Evans Roofing Company takes pride in developing Custom Programs. One that has worked out very well is when we provide unit pricing upfront for tenant improvements. We call this our “Fixed Cost Response Program”. Under this program, we establish how much we will be charging to seal the base of a new HVAC unit, how much for a new skylight, how much for a new pipe penetration, etc. You can use these prices to inform the tenant of his costs before any work is started. The tenant can let his general contractor know the price and the requirement that Evans Roofing Company must do the work. Everyone is then on the same page. It works out well for everyone.