Types of Coating Systems

Re-roofing can be an expensive endeavor. In today’s budget conscious environment, re-roofing sticker shock can be devastating. In certain cases, a viable alternative to re-roofing low-sloped roof areas might be a Roof Coating System. Roof Coating Systems are installed over the top of an existing roof. By doing this, the difficulties and expense of removing the old roof system can be avoided. Roof Coating Systems are meant to extend the life of the existing roof. They are not meant to replace the existing roof system.

Roof Coating Systems do have certain limitations. Understanding these limitations can avoid unexpected developments at a later date. The experts at Evans Roofing Company can help you avoid the pitfalls and assist in choosing the type of system that is right for your building.

Roof Coating Systems for low-sloped (flat) roof areas generally fall into these categories:

Coating Systems Without Reinforcing Fabric

When roof coatings are installed without using reinforcing fabric, it is usually done for aesthetic purposes. If installed while the existing roof system is relatively young, this method can be of some value in extending the life of the roof. When installed on top of a roof membrane that is in poor condition, its functional value is limited. However, “Cool Roof” coatings can result in significant energy savings.

Standard Reinforced Coating Systems

Reinforced Roof Coating Systems usually consist of one or more layers of polyester fabric installed into a layer of cold applied asphalt emulsion over the top of an existing roof system. After the asphalt emulsion has been allowed to cure, coatings are installed. The most popular coating being installed in California today is a white

“Cool Roof” Compliant acrylic elastomeric.

Reinforced Roof Coating Systems can be of significant functional value. However, they generally do not last as long as a new roof. Expect to re-coat in approximately five to ten years, depending upon the type and quality of the system installed. If recoating is done on a timely basis, it is possible to extend the life of the roof indefinitely. This may seem expensive, but it can be a profitable asset management procedure.

Upgraded Reinforced Coating Systems

There are various types of upgraded Reinforced Roof Coating Systems that are available today. These include using either special modified asphalt emulsion (or elastomeric coatings) to install the reinforced polyester fabric. They can also include installing additional layers of polyester fabric and/or additional or upgraded coating materials. Some manufacturers will provide extended warranties for these types of systems.