Medical Buildings

Medical buildings can consist of Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices or Medical Clinics. For obvious reasons, Medical Buildings are unique and require special attention. It is obviously critical that leakage doesn’t develop over an operating room or over sensitive medical equipment. Patients require sensitive considerations that are far different from other people.

On the positive side, most medical buildings do not generally require an extensive amount of roof equipment (other than HVAC units). Also, the roof equipment installations are usually of higher quality than those on other buildings.

Medical buildings require a close relationship between the tenant and the roofing contractor. Because the tenants have a very low threshold for leaks, they tend to report problems at the first sign of trouble. The roofing contractor must have the ability to respond quickly to any emergency situation.

Unlike many other tenants, medical tenants often need to schedule exact times to meet with contractors. Having the same contractor respond to the tenant year after year can make performing inspections much easier for you and for your tenant.

Medical buildings, in most cases only need to be inspected once a year.