Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings are characterized by the large percentage of area that is designated for manufacturing. Usually there is specialty equipment located on the roof deck. Industrial tenants tend to produce heat and humidity that can lower the service life of a roof membrane, if not properly mitigated.

As a whole, industrial tenants seem to report fewer leaks. That often means that problematic conditions are allowed to become worse before the managers and owners are alerted. This can be a real concern because roof replacement can be more costly per square foot on Industrial Buildings. The higher cost is usually related to the density and type of equipment that populates the roof deck.

Quarterly inspections are extremely important because Industrial tenants tend to have equipment and manufacturing discharges that accumulate on the roof membrane. Quick removal or alterations to eliminate or contain some of the contaminants commonly found, like grease and metal shavings, can add years to the service life of your roof membrane.

The heat and humidity produced in some manufacturing facilities can have a very bad effect of the wood roof sheathing and structural members. Of course, these types of problems produce severe consequences. Early detection and mitigation saves everyone involved money and keeps your building safe and valuable. Even when the tenant has responsibility for the roof maintenance, it is wise for the owners and managers of industrial properties to obtain their own information. We have found that the tenant will very often be happy to use the building owner’s contractor, in order to avoid disagreements at the end of the lease.